Antonio Folc de Cardona y Enriquez

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Antonio Folc de Cardona y Enriquez, Viceroy of Sardinia, 1534 - 1549, deceased 1555, was a cadet son of Joan Ramon Folc de Cardona, 1st Duke of Cardona, a.k.a. Joan Ramon Folc IV de Cardona, (1446 - Arbeca, 1513), title awarded in 1482 by Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile, Marquis of Pallars since 1491, title awarded by the same Royal Couple, 5th Count of Cardona till 1482 and "Aldonza Enriquez y Fernandez de Quiñones", Lady of Elche and Crevillente, born 1450, married 1467, 9th child from the second marriage of Fadrique Enriquez, 2nd hereditary Admiral of Castile, deceased 23 September 1473, with "Teresa Fernandez de Quiñones y de Luna", 4 males/5 females.

He married "Ana Maria de Requesens y Enriquez", daughter of seafarer and naval commander Galceran de Requesens, 1st Count of Palamós, (1439 - Barcelona, 1505).

Their 7 children, 2 males/5 females, were: