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Antonio García Martínez is an American New York Times Best Selling author[1] and tech entrepreneur. He is a former product manager for Facebook, the CEO-founder of AdGrok and a former quantitative analyst for Goldman Sachs.[2]

He has contributed articles to Wired,[3] Medium,[4] Vanity Fair,[5] Business Insider,[6] The Guardian,[7][8] Huffington Post[9] and the Washington Post.[10]


After studying physics in the University of California, Martínez started working at Goldman Sachs in September 2005.[2][11] After leaving Goldman Sachs in March 2008, Martínez started working at Adchemy as a Research Scientist in April 2008.[11] After leaving Adchemy in May 2010, Martínez founded AdGrok, a Y Combinator-backed advertising platform. He sold AdGrok to Twitter in 2011 and started working at Facebook in April 2011 as a director of Facebook's Ad Exchange before leaving Facebook in April 2013.[2][11][12]

In 2016, Martínez released a book titled Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley published by HarperCollins, which is an autobiography that details his career experiences with launching AdGrok, selling it to Twitter, and working at Facebook from its pre-IPO stage.[13][14][15][16]


  • Martinez, Antonio Garcia. Chaos Monkeys: Inside the Silicon Valley money machine. HarperCollins. ISBN 9781473550322.[17]


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