Antonio Gonzalez Suarez Regional Bilingual Elementary School

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Antonio González Suárez Regional Bilingual Elementary School
Bilingual School
AGS Seal.png
Puerto Rico
Type Public School, Department of Education of Puerto Rico
Established 1996
Principal Mrs. Brenda Melendez
Grades K - 6

The Antonio González Suárez Regional Bilingual Elementary School is a public specialized elementary school, in the western town of Añasco, Puerto Rico. It is the first public bilingual school in Puerto Rico.[citation needed]

School's Mission[edit]

The compromise of developing in the students the values, knowledge, basic skills, habits and attitudes that allow them their full development.


Due to the academic nature of the school, students must apply to be considered into the School. The admissions process is available to students from across the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and is open for all grades.


The 5th grade class of 2002 from the Antonio Gonzalez Suarez Bilingual School from Añasco, Puerto Rico participated in a television program called NASA Sci-Files The Case of the Galactic Vacation. It was aired on May 14, 2002. In the show, the tree house detectives receive an assignment to learn how to measure distances in space. To begin their investigation, Bianca Baker travels to Puerto Rico for an internship at the world’s largest radio telescope, the Arecibo Observatory. Then she travels to Añasco where she visits her "cousin" Kimberly Echevaria, her friend Aida Yoguely Cortés-Peña and the 5th grade class of the Antonio Gonzalez Suarez Bilingual School. The students received help from their science teacher Ms. Alice Acevedo and mentors from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to help demonstrate how to measure distance in space using parallax. The NASA Sci-Ke group was composed of the following students: Max, Tatiana, Kiara, Ashely Kimberly Echevaria, Cynthia Roman, Aida Yoguely Cortés-Peña, Bryan Plaza, Bryan Castillo, Rubén, David, Amir Saffar, Jonathan and Brandon.

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