Antonio Gutiérrez de la Fuente

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Antonio Gutiérrez de la Fuente
9th President of Peru
In office
June 7, 1829 – September 1, 1829
Preceded by José de La Mar
Succeeded by Agustín Gamarra
Personal details
Born September 8, 1796
Huantajaya, Tarapacá, Viceroyalty of Peru (now Chile)
Died March 14, 1878(1878-03-14) (aged 81)
Lima, Peru
Nationality Peruvian
Profession Soldier

Antonio Gutiérrez de la Fuente (1796–1878) was a Peruvian politician who also served in the Peruvian military. He briefly served as the ninth President of Peru in June 7 – September 1, 1829.

Gutiérrez de la Fuente was born in the city of Huantajaya, Tarapacá, Peru (now Chile), in 1796. He was an officer in the Spanish forces, before joining the separatist rebellion. Strong partisan of Bolivar they supported the 1823 coup.

De la Fuente and Agustín Gamarra were made governors of southern States after Peruvian independence, with de la Fuente in chard of Arequipa. In 1826 they considered separating from Peru, but instead lead the movement to overthrow the government of José de La Mar with de la Fuente being named vice president and taking the position of the President of the Republic until the General Agustín Gamarra took possession of the job.

He died in Lima in 1878.


Political offices
Preceded by
José de La Mar
President of Peru
Succeeded by
Agustín Gamarra