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Born Antonio Carlos Guzmán Capel
(1960-01-19)19 January 1960
Nationality Spanish
Known for Painting

Antonio Guzmán Capel (born January 19, 1960 in Tétouan) is a Spanish painter. Since 1961 he has resided in the city of Palencia, Spain.


Self-taught artist. From childhood he showed an innate qualities for drawing and painting. He made his first exhibition when he was only eleven years old. Thereafter, each year he held another exhibition. At fourteen years of age, he exhibited his work in Switzerland, where he was regarded by local critics as a genius of painting, because as stated, there was no known artist at that time with the ability to perform works such as that, at such an early age.


  • 1971 His first exhibition in the Palencia's Tourism Office, Palencia
  • 1974 Moves Gallery, Fribourg, Switzerland
  • 1979 Tingad Gallery, Salamanca
  • 1980 Ajuria Gallery, Palencia
  • 1982 Rua 2 Gallery, Burgos ----- Doctor's Association Gallery, Cáceres
  • 1984 Fine Arts Gallery, Gijón ----- Guest in “Salon de les Nations”, Paris
  • 1985 Duran Gallery, Madrid ----- Toscana Gallery, Valencia.
  • 1986 Caja Postal, Cuenca, Toledo, San Lorenzo Del Escorial
  • 1988 Group Exhibition in Towers Gallery, Bilbao
  • 1989 Group Exhibition in Renoir Room, Zaragoza ----- Centro-Arte Gallery, León
  • 1990 Art International Gallery, Bilbao
  • 1992 Caja España, Palencia
  • 1995 Group Exhibition in Towers Gallery, Bilbao
  • 1996 Arte Sur, International Fair of the Contemporary Art, Granada ----- Martín Brezmes Gallery, Zamora ----- Juan Larrea Gallery, Bilbao
  • 1997 First International Fair of the Contemporary Art of C. y L., Salamanca ----- Mar Gallery, Barcelona ----- C. J. Art Gallery, Valladolid ----- Ercilla Gallery, Bilbao
  • 1999 Caja Cantabria, Santander ----- Caja España, Palencia
  • 2000 Arte Sevilla 2000, Seville ----- Arte Santander, Santander ----- artexpo, Las Vegas (Nevada) USA ----- Group Exhibition in San Diego, USA ----- 25 years of Contemporary Art, Diaz Caneja Foundation, Palencia
  • 2003 Tribute to Claudio Prieto, Diaz Caneja Foundation, Palencia ----- Restauro Van Dick Gallery, Madrid
  • 2004 Caja España, Palencia ----- BBVA Gallery, Valladolidd
  • 2006 Sharon Art Gallery, León
  • 2008 Sharon Art Gallery, León
  • 2009 Global Art Gallery, Barcelona ----- Caja España, Palencia
  • 2010 Exposición colectiva enla Sala Mauro Muriedas de Torrelavega, verano 2010 ----- Ayuda a "Hombres Nuevos", Obispo Nicolás Castellanos, Caja Duero, PALENCIA ----- Colección del Ayuntamiento de Palencia Fundación Díaz Caneja
  • 2011 Fundación Isabel Frontela, PALENCIA
  • 2012 Feria de Arte de Bolzano, del 16 al 18 marzo, ITALIA ----- Galería Javier Román, MÁLAGA
  • 2013 Factory-Art Gallery, Berlín, ALEMANIA. Cibeles Place, Mail Room, MADRID 2013

Awards and honors[edit]

  • 1974 1st National Prize "City of Ceuta" ----- Honourable mention in the Prize of Painting "Ejército", Madrid
  • 1975 1st Prize “Pintura Jóven” Guardo, Palencia
  • 1976 Honourable mention in the II National Biennial of Huesca ----- Finalist in Art Sport 76, Bilbao
  • 1977 2nd Prize in Medina del Campo, Valladolid ----- 2nd Prize in the Caja de Ahorros Provincial of Valladolid
  • 1978 Special Honourable mention in Pego, Alicante
  • 1979 Accesit Painting Competition "Rafael Zabaleta", JAÉN -----1st Prize in XXX Puertollano's Gallery, Ciudad Real -----Honourable mention in the II Competition "Rioja", Logroño -----1st Prize "Ciudad de Benicarló", Castellón
  • 1980 2nd Prize in the I National Young Competition "Amadis Gallery", Madrid -----1st Prize in Barbastro, Huesca -----1st Prize in Aranda de Duero Burgos -----1st Prize "García Gongora", Ateneo de Almeria -----Finalist in the V Biennial "Provincia de Leon"
  • 1981 1st Prize in Mora. Toledo ----- 2nd Prize in Rota, Cadiz
  • 1982 1st Prize in Martos, Jaen ----- Silver award in Córdoba
  • 1983 Special Mention of Painting in the “Salon d´hiver” Avignon, France ----- Painting grant given by the Provincial Delegation of Palencia ----- 2nd Prize National Painting Competition in Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real ----- 1st Prize in Yecla, Murcia
  • 1985 1st Prize in the IV Painting Competition in Melilla ----- 3rd Prize in IV Jaén Painting Competition (Club "63"), JAÉN ----- 1st Prize "Ciudad de Murcia" in Cartagena.
  • 1987 Honorary accésit IV Painting Competition "Ciudad de Miranda de Ebro", Burgos
  • 1988 1st Accésit in the XV National Painting Competition of Teruel
  • 1989 Popular Prize in the 1st fast Painting Competition in "El Retiro", Madrid
  • 1996 LVII National Exhibition of Plastic Arts in Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real
  • 1997 1st Prize in Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca
  • 1998 Silver medal Townhall of San Juan, Alicante
  • 2001 Finalist "Señorío de Berrtiz", Pamplona
  • 2002 Finalist Toresma 2, Madrid ----- 1st Mention of Honor “Premio Ejército del Aire”, Madrid
  • 2003 1st Prize of Painting Toresma, Madrid ----- Mention of Honor “Premio Ejército del Aire”, Madrid
  • 2004 1st Prize “Cartel taurino de San Antolín”, Palencia
  • 2005 1st Prize “Cartel taurino feria de León” ----- 2nd Prize “Premio Ejército del Aire”, Madrid
  • 2006 Mention of Honor “Premio Ejército del Aire”, Madrid ----- Work entitled "Gitanillos" for the movie Guillermo Fesser, "Candida".
  • 2009 Portrait of Brother Rafael (Rafael Arnáiz Barón), for his canonization in Vatican City on 11/10/09 ----- Poster announcing Davis Cup, Murcia
  • 2010 Cry bullfighting posters for parties of Ciudad Real 2010
  • 2011 Portrait of Catherine Lacoste and Angel Piñero
  • 2012 Portrait of Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, Duchess of Alba ----- Course and Conference on Psychology University Model of Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

Pictures in museums[edit]

  • Contemporary Art Museum Madrid.
  • Contemporary Art Museum Leon.
  • Contemporary Art Museum. Ayllón, Segovia.
  • Provincial museum of Ceuta.
  • Museo de los tiros, Granada.
  • Museo de Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real

Particular art galleries[edit]

  • Caja de Ahorros Provincial de Valladolid
  • Caja España, Palencia
  • Ecuador
  • San Diego (USA)
  • Las Vegas (USA)
  • Washington (USA)
  • Puerto La Cruz and Caracas, Venezuela
  • Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Guatemala, Paris, Ireland, Hong Kong..., others in Spain


  • Spanish art, 1979–93
  • Diart 1981
  • Peliart 1977, 1981
  • Provincial savings bank of Valladolid Memory 1978
  • Batik 1981
  • National aids of Painting and Sculpture. Mª Teresa Cocaine Valladolid 1981
  • Arteder 82 It shows the Graphical Work International Bilbao 1982
  • Arteguuia Special monographic dedicated to Palencia 1989
  • CAPEL, by Jose Maria Esparta 1990
  • Arteguia 1992-93
  • Anuari D'Art Grup Escolà 1996-97
  • I Fair the International of Contemporary Art of Castile and León Arcale 1997
  • Tribute 16 artists surroundings to Santiago Amon. Prov Delegation Palencia
  • Tourist Palencia 1997
  • Art 21 Fertile valleys 2000
  • 25 Years of Contemporary Art Palencia, 1975–2000
  • Toresma-2 April 2002
  • 4th History of the THAT (Publishing ECIR)
  • Cossio 2006

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