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Antonio Lolli (c. 1725 – 10 August 1802) was an Italian violinist and composer.


Lolli, who was born c. 1725 in Bergamo, Italy, was one of the foremost Italian violinists of the 18th century. Between 1758 and 1774 he was solo violinist at the Stuttgart court orchestra, a position that enabled him to undertake extensive concert tours to Vienna, Paris, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. Tsarina Catherine II of Russia invited him to a position in St. Petersburg. During that time, Lolli travelled to Warsaw and toured Germany, Scandinavia, Franc, Asia and most of the whole of Europe. In 1794, he became primary conductor in Naples.

Lolli died in Palermo, Sicily, Italy in 1802.


Lolli published eight Violin concertos, of which the concerto no. 7 in G major was the most successful. Other works include six sonatas (duets) Op.9 for two violins (1785), three collections of six sonatas each for violin and bass (1760, 1769, 1767), and 36 Capriccios for solo violin, as well as the didactic L'école du violon en quatuor (1784).

His son, Filippo Lolli (born 1773 in Stuttgart, died unknown) earned renown as a Cellist.

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