Antonio Lupatelli

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Antonio Lupatelli
Died (aged 88)
Cremona, Italy
Other namesTony Wolf, Oda Taro, L'Alpino, Antony Moore [1]

Antonio Lupatelli (1930 – 18 May 2018)[2][3] was an Italian illustrator,[4] comics artist [5] and writer who worked under the pseudonym of Tony Wolf. Lupatelli is best known for his illustrations of children's books, including his work in:

  • Pinocchio, Dami Editore Firenze, 2002
  • Le Storie del Bosco, (The Woodland Folk series, which he also wrote)
  • On the Farm, Running Press Kids, 2005
  • In the City, Running Press Kids, Brdbk edition, 2005
  • Jack and Jill

He also made graphic contributions to the book adaptations of the Swiss claymation TV series Pingu.[6]

Lupatelli worked with Fratelli Fabbri Editori, Payot Film, Fleetway Publications, and Dami Editore. As a comics artist he was one of several artist to draw for Fleetway's children's magazines Playhour and Jack and Jill.[7][8] Among the series he worked on were Freddie Frog, Fun in Toyland, Little Sooty and Moony of the Moon.[9][10] In the Italian magazine Il Corriere dei Piccoli he created Ciccio Sprai and Robi e Robo.[11]

He died in Italy on 18 May 2018.[12]


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