Antonio Lussich

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Antonio Lussich

Antonio Dionisio Lussich (Montevideo, March 23, 1848 – Punta del Este, June 5, 1928) was an Uruguayan sailor, arboricultorist and writer.

Family background[edit]

His father was Filip Lukšić, a Croatian Merchant sailor who arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1840.


He was notably the author of ´Los tres gauchos orientales´, depicting rural life in 19th century Uruguay. He was also responsible for other writings of a more maritime theme.

Uruguayan Civil War; political associations[edit]

In his youth Lussich fought as a supporter of Aparicio Saravia, a Blanco leader in the intermittent 19th century Uruguayan Civil War ("Blanco" refers to "Partido Blanco", which is Spanish for "White Party").

Lussich later established quite cordial relations with Uruguay´s Colorado Party leaders, receiving Colorado Presidents Claudio Wílliman and Baltasar Brum as guests at Punta Ballena ("Colorado" refers to "Partido Colorado", which is Spanish for "Red Party).


On 5 October 1896 he acquired 4,447 acres (18 km2) of uninhabited land at Punta Ballena. At this location he started his masterpiece, the creation of the Arboretum Lussich, a huge natural botany garden.

He owned part of his father's maritime rescue enterprise which he sold in 1917 so he could dedicate his full-time to his passion.


He died in 1928 in the city of Punta del Este.

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