Antonio Manetti

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Antonio Manetti
Cinque maestri del rinascimento fiorentino, XVI sec, antonio manetti.JPG
Born6 July 1423
Florence, Italy
Died26 May 1497(1497-05-26) (aged 73)
Florence, Italy
Scientific career

Antonio Manetti (6 July 1423 – 26 May 1497) was an Italian mathematician and architect from Florence. He was also the biographer of the architect Filippo Brunelleschi.[1]

He is particularly noted for his investigations into the site, shape and size of Dante's Inferno. Although Manetti never himself published his research regarding the topic, the earliest Renaissance Florentine editors of the poem, Cristoforo Landino and Girolamo Benivieni, reported the results of his researches in their respective editions of the Divine Comedy. Manetti is also famous for his short story, The Fat Woodworker, which recounts a cruel practical joke devised by Brunelleschi.[2]


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