Antonio Pasculli

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Antonio Pasculli
Born13 October 1842
Palermo, Sicily
Died23 February 1924
Palermo, Sicily
InstrumentsOboe, English Horn

Antonio Pasculli (13 October 1842 – 23 February 1924) was an Italian oboist and composer, known as "the Paganini of the oboe".

Pasculli was born and lived his whole life in Palermo, Sicily, but travelled widely in Italy, Germany and Austria, giving oboe concerts. He directed symphonic and wind orchestra concerts, which were popular in Italy at the time. He also transcribed a large number of opera pieces for oboe and piano/harp, including works by Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi, and Rossini. One of his well-known works is Etude Caractéristique for oboe and piano "Le Api" (The Bees) written in 1874 which resembles and precedes Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee. Pasculli's works require extraordinary virtuosity on the instrument. His pieces make constant use of arpeggiations, trills, and scales, and require the oboist to practice circular breathing. His output was essentially forgotten early in the twentieth century, and he remained in oblivion until oboists Heinz Holliger and Omar Zoboli began reviving his music. As a result, some of his works are now available in recordings.


Chamber Works[1][edit]

  • Ricordo di napoli, scherzo brillante, for oboe and piano
  • Fantasy on themes from Donizetti's 'Poliuto', for oboe and piano
  • Fantasia on themes from Meyerbeer's 'Les Huguenots', for oboe & piano
  • Ommagio a Bellini on themes from 'Il Pirata' and 'La Sonnambula', for English horn and harp
  • Gran Sestetto concertante (after Rossini's Guillaume Tell) (arr. W. Renz)

Orchestral Works and Concertos[edit]

  • Concerto on themes from Donizetti's 'La Favorita', for oboe and piano
  • Gran Concerto on themes from Verdi's 'I Vespri Siciliani', for oboe and piano
  • Concerto on themes from Donizetti's 'La Favorita' for oboe and piano
  • Concerto sopra motivi dell opera 'La Favorita' di Donizetti
  • Concerto on Themes from the Opera 'La Favorita' by G.Donizetti (tr. For Oboe and Strings

Various Works[edit]

  • 'Le Api' for oboe and piano

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