Antonios Pepanos

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Olympic medal record
Representing  Greece
Men's swimming
Silver medal – second place 1896 Athens 500 metre freestyle

Antonios Pepanos (Greek: Αντώνιος Πέπανος, 1866 - 1918) was a Greek swimmer. He was a member of Gymnastiki Etaireia Patron, which merged with Panachaikos Gymnastikos Syllogos in 1923 to become Panachaiki Gymnastiki Enosi. One of the greatest swimmers Greece has even known, he won the silver medal in the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Before the Olympics, Pepanos was hesitating about taking part because he was already thirty years old and past his prime. Finally, even though he was suffering from a cold on the day of the event, he competed in the 500 metres freestyle. He finished second with a time of 9:57.6. The winner, Austrian Paul Neumann, had finished in 8:12.6.


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