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Antony Davies
Antony Davies.png
Born Savannah, Georgia
Nationality American, British
Institution West Virginia University
Duquesne University
Field Economics
School or
Neoclassical economics
Alma mater Saint Vincent College
University at Albany
Religion: Roman Catholic

Antony Davies (born 4 April 1965) is an American economist, speaker, and author.

Early life and education[edit]

Davies was born in Savannah, Georgia to Alan and Margaret Davies. He was raised in Montoursville, Pennsylvania and graduated from Bishop Neumann High School in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1983.[1] Starting at an early age, he acted with the Community Theatre League [2]. He graduated cum laude with a B.S. degree in Economics with minors in Mathematics and Philosophy from Saint Vincent College in 1987.[3]

In 1994, he received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University at Albany in Albany, New York, where he studied under Kajal Lahiri.[4] His Ph.D. thesis addressed analysis of multi-dimensional panel data in econometrics, and it received the Distinguished Dissertation Award.[4][5][6]

Professional history[edit]

While a college student, he founded Paragon Software with Mark E. Seremet. Davies's first faculty appointment was at West Virginia Wesleyan College, following which he taught econometrics at West Virginia University. During the dot-com era, he left academia to serve as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Analytics Officer at Parabon Computation, where he was co-inventor on a patent for generating supercomputing power from idle Internet-connected computers, and recipient of a NASA grant for developing statistical techniques for data mining using supercomputers.[7][8] In 2001, he joined the faculty at Duquesne University where he helped design the economics major, and where he continues to be employed at present.[9]

In 2006, he co-founded an Internet discovery firm, Repliqa, that was purchased by indiePub Entertainment.[10] In 2007, he was named a Mercatus Affiliated Senior Scholar and, in 2015, a Strata Research Fellow.[11] In both positions, he conducts research on the economic effects of government policy. As a Mercatus Scholar, Davies regularly lectures on economic policy topics for staff at the U.S. House of Representatives.[12]

Starting in 2012, he produced a series of videos on economics and statistics for the Institute for Humane Studies, the Foundation for Economic Education, and Certell.[13][14][15] In 2015, he worked as Associate Producer for the Moving Picture Institute on their video series, FI$H: How An Economy Grows.[16] Davies is a long-time faculty member at the Institute for Humane Studies and the Foundation for Economic Education.[17][18]

Davies has published op-eds in newspapers and magazines throughout the country including the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Forbes, Investors Business Daily,and[19] In addition, Davies co-authors a regular monthly column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and has co-authored a college-level economics text published by Cognella.[20] While most of his professional work in economics has been in the standard neoclassical tradition, Davies has also expressed interest in the ideas of the more heterodox Austrian School. He is also a regular commentator on The Blaze TV.[21][22][23]

Selected books[edit]

  • LeBar, M., A. Davies, D. Schmidtz, eds., 2015. Equality and Public Policy, Cambridge University Press.
  • Tosun, M., P. Yakovlev, and A. Davies, 2015. Principles of Microeconomics, Cognella Publishing.

Selected academic articles[edit]

Selected policy briefs[edit]


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