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Antony Micallef
Antony Micallef.jpg
Born 1975 (1975)
Swindon, England
Nationality English
Education University of Plymouth
Known for Painting

Antony Micallef (born 1975 in Swindon) is an English contemporary artist and painter.

Micallef appeared on the British art scene in 2000, winning second prize in the BP Portrait Award competition.[1] Since then, his mix of political imagery fused with contemporary expressionism has won him worldwide acclaim. Recent exhibitions include group shows at the Royal Academy and the Tate Britain.[2]

His paintings examine the contemporary relationship with consumerism and branding among other themes. His work concerns itself with what he sees as the ‘frivolities’ of pop culture in a process that’s been dubbed ‘critical pop’.[3]


Born in Swindon, England and a graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Plymouth, some of Micallef's work illustrates many contemporary cultural aspects and connects them with the human experience. His use of neutral colors and depictions of the human form delve beyond pop culture and bring to the surface many of the things that operate underneath the cultural construct. Aspects of Micallef's work examines our dichotomous relationship with consumerism, questioning how we can despise multi-national brands yet still allow ourselves to be seduced by them. He frequently uses the union of two opposites to make an intriguing chemistry. Micallef's practice has been summarized as 'critical pop', exposing the darker side of our consumerist society and the human condition.

His painting style has been compared to Francis Bacon and is seen as an amalgamation of influences from the old masters such as Caravaggio and Velázquez to more modern contemporary photographers and graphic artists. His depiction of the human body and mark making echo his teachings from John Virtue, a former student of Frank Auerbach. The rawness of expressionistic painterly marks is a stark contrast to the more graphic elements which surfaces throughout his work.

From 18 June 2007 Sotheby's catalogue:

Having won second prize in the BP/Amoco Portrait of the Year awards in 2000, Anthony Micallef moved away from strict portraiture preferring to combine his exquisite draughtsmanship with a dark and passionate exploration of colour and contemporary expressionism as a means of dissecting what he sees as the frivolities of pop culture. He says, "The trouble with pop imagery is that it doesn’t really go deeper than the surface, you have to drag it down and challenge it to make it interesting. When you put two contrasting images together it causes friction and that is the bit I’m interested in." In the present work, the dark, Bacon-esque smears to the face conjure unlooked for associations when combined with the delicately alluring roses, the juxtaposition revealing at once the saccharine seduction of colourful pop imagery and consumerism alongside its dark and troubling underbelly. This complexity and brutal beauty explain why Anthony Micallef has become one of the most promising young artists working in Britain today.[4]

In 2012 to go alongside the AKA Peace Exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) [5] Art Below showcased selected works from the AKA Peace series on the London Underground including Micallef's. "AKA Peace" originally conceived by photographer Bran Symondson and now curated by artist Jake Chapman, is an exhibition of new works made specially for The Peace One Day Project 2012, bringing together a group of Contemporary Artists, all of whom agreed to transform a decommissioned AK-47 assault rifle, refashioning into artworks.[6]

Artist Statement[edit]

Solo Exhibitions[edit]

2016 Raw Intent, Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong, China

2015 Self, Lazarides Rathbone, London, Uk

2012 A Little Piece of Me, The Outsiders, London, UK London, Uk

2011 Happy, Deep Inside My Heart, Lazarides Rathbone, London, UK

2009 Becoming Animal, Lazarides Rathbone, London, UK

2007 Impure Idols, Lazarides pop-up, Hollywood, California, USA

2006 It’s A Wonderful World, Lazarides Charing Cross, London, UK

2005 National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

2004 Eyestorm, Milan, Italy

Selected Group Exhibitions[edit]

2016 Hong Kong Basel. Pearl Lam Galleries.

2015 Still Here, A Decade of Lazarides, Lazarides Rathbone, London, UK

2015 Chicago Art Fair. Pearl Lam Galleries

2015 China. Westbund Art Fair Pearl Lam Galleries

2014 MTV RE:DEFINE, Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, Texas, USA

2014 Royal Academy Summer Show, London, UK

2013 Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, Greece

2013 Nowa Sztuka, National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

2013 Artwars, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2012 Bedlam, Lazarides pop-up, The Old Vic Tunnels, London, UK

2012 Peace One Day, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

Tunnel 228. May 2009. London. UK
Antony Micallef participates in Tunnel 228, a show featuring over 20 artists and the theatre company Punchdrunk. A Metropolis-inspired exhibition with a mixture of art and live performance by actors. Located in the tunnels off Leake Street underneath Waterloo station and directed by Kevin Spacey.

The Royal Academy.
1 November 2008 to Jan 19, 2009. London. UK
Antony Micallef was invited by the RA to take part in a group show showcasing new contemporaries. The 4 bronze, nickel-plated 13 ft sculptures were displayed in the forecourt (Burlington Gardens). Parasite. The three meter square painting was exhibited inside.

The Tate Britain.
October 2008 - January 2009. London. UK
Antony Micallef along with Paula Rego and Mark Hearld were invited to take part in the 50th anniversary celebration of the famous Curwen Studios. To commemorate the occasion they exhibited a special limited edition lithograph print in the Tate Britain (Goodison Room).

Santa's Ghetto Bethlehem. Manger Square.
December 2007. Palestine.
Micallef participated in Santa's Ghetto in Bethlehem, a group show with over 30 international artists that raised almost $1 million to provide funding for local students attending Dar a-Kalima College, the only dedicated arts university in the Middle East. From this exhibition Micallef produced a body of work documenting his time spent behind the wall.

Millenaris Park.
July 14 - August 30, 2005. Budapest. Hungary.
Micallef represented the UK in an international exhibition looking at urban counterculture, held in Budapest, Hungary in 2005. Micallef was invited by the directors of Millenaris Park, a government-funded arts organization to paint on a Trabant car, the icon of the communist era.

Eyestorm Milan. Solo Exhibition.
January 2006. Milan . Italy.
Antony Micallef presents a sell-out solo exhibition in the heart of Milan, Italy. The exhibition showcases a series of specially commissioned limited edition lithograph prints. As well as being exhibited in Milan the prints were also on show at the British Embassy in Florence alongside Damien Hirst, Peter Blake, and Richard Davidson.

The National Portrait Gallery.
June 2000. London. UK
Antony Micallef wins second prize in the BP Portrait Award competition the first time he enters. This is seen as the catalyst for his future career.


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