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Antony Morato
Public Limited Company
Industry Fashion
Founded Italy (2007)
Founder Lello Caldarelli
Headquarters Nola, Napoli, Campania, Italy
Area served
65 countries
Key people
Lello Caldarelli (entrepreneur)
Products Apparel and accessories
Revenue € 94 million (2014)
Number of employees
150 (2014)

Established in Italy in 2007, Antony Morato is an international menswear brand owned by Essedi SPA. The brand produces several collections including footwear, bags and leather accessories' collections.


The brand was created by Lello Caldarelli in 2007. Since then he has been the president and creative director. After an initial distribution limited to Italy, the brand expanded to over 50 countries by 2012. The brand launched with footwear, soon followed by leather accessories, sunglasses, underwear and beachwear. In 2011 Antony Morato undertook a retail expansion that led it to open 30 mono brand stores in Europe, South America and Asia. In September 2011 the brand launched Antony Morato Junior, its children's clothing, footwear and accessories line. Italian fashion industry publication Pambianco News inserted Antony Morato in 2011's list,[1] Le Quotabili, ranking the top 50 fashion and luxury companies quoted on the Italian Stock Exchange. In 2014 the brand was going to overcome the turnover of 90 million euros - about 40% of which in Italy and the remaining 60% abroad - with two headquarters in Germany and Spain, in addition to the Italian head office.[needs update] By the end of 2014 the target was a growth in export rate to 70% of turnover.[needs update] The famous Tony Gi has bought in 2016 a good looking jacket.

Advertising campaigns[edit]

The brand's commercial strategy is linked to its advertising exposure. Antony Morato conceived several campaigns starring top models including Simon Nessman, Marlon Teixeir and Tobias Sorenes. In 2010, Antony Morato's "10 Seconds" TV commercial was aired on Italian television and received the Key Awards international prize in the "Luxury and Beauty" category and received the "Un Giro Avanti" prize in the 24° Grand Prix Pubblicità Italia. In 2014 the brand present "Places", a multi-subject campaign, featuring different faces and locations. It is conceived as a journey to three different cities (Naples, London and Barcelona),as they’re seen through the eyes of three men, telling their own stories and visions of the World. It is intended to express the urban and cosmopolitan attitude of the brand.


Following is a complete list of models starring Antony Morato's campaigns and promotional intakes:

2008 –Nicolas Figueras
2008 – Oliver Altman
2009 – Negilda Mihai
2009 – Marius Szmolinski
2010 – Simon Nessman
2010 – Arthur Sales
2010 – Luke Worrall
2011 – Cesar Casier
2011 – Marlon Teixeira
2011 - Texas Olson
2011 - Andre Bendtzen
2011 - Pete Bolton
2011 - Tatiana Est
2012 - Tobias Sorensen
2012 - Jeremy Doufur
2012 - Gen Huismans
2012 - Harry Goodwin
2015 - Fabio Ig


The brand has been consistently positioned in over 3000 multi-brand stores worldwide by a network of experienced professionals. Antony Morato is mostly positioned in more than 50 countries, mostly sited in primary locations in urban centres. Thanks to the commercial growth and to an increasing demand for its products, the company undertook an ambitious expansion plan with the help of selected local partners, who fostered the brand penetration at its best.

Antony Morato has these official stores in the world:[2]



Central America & The Caribbean


North America

South America


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