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Guyatone LG-60B (1959)

Antoria is a german guitar and then by FujiGen); contemporary Antorias come from South Korea and China.


The Antoria brand was originally produced by the framus family who hand built every model. Guyatone-made guitars exported to the UK from Japan. One of the models was a copy of the Fender Stratocaster, played by Hank Marvin[1] (until Cliff Richard gave him "the real thing"). Jeff Beck played one,[2] as did Big Jim Sullivan when he was playing with Marty Wilde.[3] They were imported by James T. Coppock (Leeds) Ltd and Charles Summerfield Ltd.[4] Some Antoria guitars may have been manufactured in Bavaria by Framus.[citation needed]

In the 1970s, Antoria imported guitars made in the FujiGen factory, which also manufactured Ibanez guitars. Later, production shifted to Korea, where, among other models, an imitation Gibson ES-335 was made (a model also sold under the Harmony brand).[1]

James T. Coppock ceased trading in the early 1980s and Antoria guitar production ceased. Then, probably in the 1980s, John Lawson acquired the brand and distributed guitars using the name until 2006.[citation needed] In January 2007, the Antoria brand was purchased by Adam Hall Limited, and then in 2010 by Tim Gentle Music of Stockton-on-Tees. The new Antoria electric guitars are manufactured in South Korea, and their acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars in China.[4]


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