Antra Records

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Antra Records
Founded 1998
Founder Kurupt
Defunct 2002
Distributor(s) A&M Records
Artemis Records
Genre Hiphop
Country of origin US

Antra Records was a vanity label imprint of West Coast hip hop artist Kurupt.


Kurupt first solo album, Kuruption! (1998), was released in conjunction with A&M Records; the next two, Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha (1999) and Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey (2001) were with Danny Goldberg's independent Artemis Records. A handful of other releases by The Spooks, Sheela Black, and Crush also came out under the deal with Artemis.

The imprint was discontinued when Kurupt signed with Death Row Records in 2002.


Former Artists[edit]

  • Kurupt
  • The Spooks
  • Sheela Black
  • Crush