Antti Rannanjärvi

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Antti Rannanjärvi and Antti Isotalo.

Antti Rannanjärvi (born 4 April 1828 in Ylihärmä - died 12 August 1882 in Ylihärmä) was a Finnish farmer and puukkojunkkari, who led a gang of criminals together with Antti Isotalo. Rannanjärvi continued to make trouble in the later part of his life but did not have to face the authorities. He was killed by Erkki Fränti, called "Prännin Erkki" by the locals.

Rannanjärvi is nowadays best remembered from the song Isontalon Antti ja Rannanjärvi, whose lyrics (in the Southern Ostrobothnia dialect) start "Isoontaloon Antti ja Rannanjärvi ne jutteli kaharen kesken..." ("Antti Isotalo and Rannanjärvi chatted with each other...").

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