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Antun Domic is a Chilean-American engineer and mathematician.

Early life and education[edit]

Domic obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1978, with a dissertation in partial differential equations[1].


In 1982, Domic became a member of the technical staff of MIT Lincoln Laboratories in Lexington, MA. While there, Domic and his colleagues developed the Lincoln Boolean Synthesizer.[2]

In 1985, Domic joined Digital Equipment Corporation where one of the EDA tools developed by Domic and his colleagues was CLEO[3], an automatic layout generator (from schematic) which was used to design blocks of several RISC processors at DEC.[4]

Domic joined Synopsys in 1997 as vice-president of engineering for the Design Tools Group.[5] At the end of 2016, Domic was appointed Synopsys CTO[6].


In 1987, Domic and Domingo Toledo wrote the paper "The Gromov norm of the Kähler class of symmetric domains" (Mathematische Annalen. 276 no. 3, 425–43).


Domic is an IEEE Fellow[7], and the recipient of the 2019 IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal[8].


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