Antweight World Series

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Flippt, AWS25 champion, is a robot with a flipper.

Antweight World Series is a robotic competition in which Antweight robots fight against one another. The first AWS was held at Reading in 1999 and the latest event was AWS 49.[1]

AWS rules[edit]

  • A robot whose final drive output rotates through more than 180 degrees (e.g. wheels) cannot be heavier than 150 grams.
  • Walker - A robot whose final drive output rotates through less than 180 degrees (e.g. legs) cannot be heavier than 225 grams.
  • Clusterbot - A robot which consists of two or more parts (e.g. two half sized robots/botlets) cannot be heavier than 75 grams.

Fluid based weapons (treacle guns, etc.), Glue or sticky pad weapons, String or entanglement weapons, Flame based weapons, The use of electricity as a weapon, Explosive weapons, Rotating weapons that may shatter (as opposed to breaking off) are not allowed in AWS.[2]