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Antwood is the alias of Tristan Douglas, a Canadian electronic music producer.[1] Under the moniker "Margaret Antwood," Douglas' 2015 EP "Work Focus" was listed in Vogue 's best music of 2015.[2] In 2016 Antwood's debut album Virtuous.scr was released by Planet Mu.[3] Virtuous.scr, which explored themes of artificial intelligence and robot ethics, was widely well-received; it was featured in Resident Advisor's top recommendations as well as The Wire.[4][5]

Antwood's second album, Sponsored Content, was released in September 2017, and deals with "subversive" advertising in the media.[6]

The third album from Antwood, Delphi, was released in July 2019, and uses "conceptual frameworks to facilitate the writing process [..] to develop a fictional character: the young lovelorn Delphi."[7] This character is represented throughout by a recurring melody, with the album develops the story around her.


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