Anubis II

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Anubis II
Anubis II.jpg
North American Wii boxart
Developer(s)Data Design Interactive
Publisher(s)Metro3D Europe (PlayStation 2 and PC) Data Design Interactive (Europe, Wii)
Conspiracy Entertainment (North America)
Programmer(s)Adrian Fox
Artist(s)Michael Rooker
Platform(s)Wii, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows
  • EU: 14 July 2005
  • EU: 21 September 2007
  • NA: 25 September 2007

Anubis II (pronounced Anubis the Second; the game is not a sequel) is an action game from UK based developer Metro 3D. The Wii version was worked on by Data Design Interactive.[1] The game was published by Conspiracy Entertainment in the United States.[2]


Set in ancient Egypt, the player controls Anubis, the guardian of the Underworld, in his quest to lift the Curse of the pharaohs. The Nunchuk controls Anubis while the Wii Remote swings the Scepter of Ra and throws Kanopic Bombs.[3]


The game received overwhelmingly negative reviews upon release, including a 1.5/10 rating from GameSpot, the second worst score it is possible to receive with the new rating system, and a 2/10 rating from IGN.[4] The Wii version of Anubis II was also nominated for Flat-Out Worst Game of 2007 by GameSpot.[5] Many critics have called it a carbon copy of Ninjabread Man, due to the identical music, gameplay and level layout, the same basic attacks, and enemies (as well as having most of the same bugs and glitches), because of the use of DDI's GODS engine.[citation needed]


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