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Genre Long Running Drama
Created by SinemArt
Directed by Sanjeev Kumar
Starring Nabila Syakieb
Samuel Zylgwyn
Dhini Aminarti
Sheila Marcia
Giovanni Yosafat Tobing
Eva Anindhita
Ketrin Agustine
Kevin Andrean
Dwi Yan
El Manik
Femmy Permatasari
Yasmine Wildblood
Tamara Bleszynski
Jeremy Thomas
Suheil Fahmi
Mallaki Gruno
Opening theme Aku Tak Berdaya by Indah Dewi Pertiwi
Ending theme Aku Tak Berdaya by Indah Dewi Pertiwi
Country of origin Indonesia
Original language(s) Indonesian
No. of episodes 473
Producer(s) Leo Sutanto
Location(s) Jakarta
Running time 60-180 minutes
Production company(s) SinemArt
Distributor SinemArt
Original network RCTI
Picture format SDTV
First shown in March 28, 2011 (2011-03-28)
Original release March 28, 2011 (2011-03-28) – January 15, 2012 (2012-01-15)
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Anugerah (Blessing) is an Indonesian television serial sinetron fifth long-running drama with 473 episodes after Cinta Fitri with 1002 episodes, Putri yang Ditukar with 676 episodes, Islam KTP with 558 episodes and Suami-Suami Takut Istri with 512 episodes. It was produced video productions house public distributor company network by SinemArt directed by Leo Sutanto.


The story of the journey of life Nabila (Nabila Syakieb), a beautiful girl, who was recorded as the best student in the university and potentially has a bright future, must be in a dilemma when the father whom she loved, Arif (El Manik), affected by kidney failure and must soon make operation. Nabila is really running out of ways to help his father. Nabila request for Lisa (Cut Memey), Nabila' stepmother, that crazy treasure to seek help. Until finally, Nabila accidentally met with Endang (Dina Lorenza), a wealthy woman and kind-hearted help Nabila because it has the same story with His son Rino (Kevin Andrean). Nabila accidentally met with Fandy (Samuel Zylgwyn). Fandy is the son of wealthy (Dwi Yan), a wealthy businessman who is very fond of her two children. Fandy Sugih asked to stop painting and work in his company, and soon get married like her stepbrother, Bima. Bima (Giovanni Tobing) who was married first with Wulan (Dhini Aminarti). Hera (Annie Anwar), Bima' mother who hated Fandy, knowing that Fandy will soon be married and introduced as the future wife Nabila. Hera was afraid that if Fandy who first had children, so that Hera no Sugih opportunity to own property. Erlin (Femmy Permatasari), Wulan' biological mother, knew about it, made him desperate to find services mother substitute. Wulan initially shocked to hear that, but for the love that in the Milky Way, he would also agree with all that. Erlin managed to find Rose (Sheila Marchia) who are willing to do fertilization, of course with a very high fee.


Cast As
Nabila Syakieb Nabila Darmawan
Samuel Zylgwyn Fandy Hartono
Giovanni Yosafat Tobing Bima Hartono
Dhini Aminarti Wulan Anggraini
Sheila Marcia Mawar/Intan
Eva Anindhita Alexa
Anjasmara Herman/Dewa
Ketrin Agustine Shania
Kevin Andrean Rino
Ashraf Sinclair Arya
Dwi Yan Sugih Hartono
Annie Anwar Hera
El Manik Arif Darmawan
Cut Memey Lisa
Femmy Permatasari Erlin
Dina Lorenza Endah
Tessa Kaunang Tini
Paramitha Rusady Runia
Suhel Fahmi Anugerah/Nugie
Mallaki Gruno Ade/Ikhlas
Nessa Sadin Nessa
Miller Ryan
Jeremy Thomas Sultan
Alexandra Gottardo Clara
Marcella Simon Monik
Tamara Bleszynski Zouya
Rifky Balweel Cakra
Diah Permatasari Tiara
Rizki Akbar
Teddy Syach Bakti
Yasmine Wildblood Yasmin
Samuel Rizal Samy
Ana Pinem Hesti

International broadcasts[edit]

Country Network Station Television Station
 Brunei RTB RTB1
 Indonesia MNC RCTI, MNC Drama, Deli TV (SINDOtv)
 Malaysia STMB, MNC TV9, MNC Drama, MNC International
 Singapore MNC, mio TV, MNC Drama, MNC International, Astro Aruna

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