Anumati (deity)

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In Hinduism, Anumati ("divine favor" in Sanskrit, Devanagari: अनुमति) is a lunar deity and goddess of spirituality. Her vehicle is Krisha Mrigam or Krishna Jinka (Blackbuck).

Anumati is an ancient word in the Hindi language (East India) meaning "Permission" or "To grant a permission". Anumati is the beholder of a formal activity of mother nature i.e. permission/s. As a basic discipline encapsulated in every creature in this nature of "Permission of Activities & Events"; this deity (Goddess Anumati) makes it peaceful, childlike and calm as the featured "Moon"; to the creatures of this universe which majorly includes "Human Beings" on this planet earth.

Worshiping the deity Anumati is by default done by worship and prayers to Lord Shiva, who is also portrayed in Hindu mythology as a beholder of a particular size of "Moon" on his forehead.