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Anupparpalayam is the small town located within Tirupur Corporation limits. It is another business zone in tirupur district is located 42 km distance to east from Coimbatore city and 10 km north from Tirupur Bus stand. It is a western suburb of Coimbatore. It has a population of above 10 lakhs. The population of and 20% of people are from counder caste, 60% of people from chettiar caste, and the remaining people come from other castes. Anupparpalayam is famous and ranks top in production of utensils, handicrafts products for households, temples, hotels and other needs in Tamil Nadu. The produced goods exported to various parts of the country. A majority of people are involved in metal production and services for metal production. The whole outlet of Anupparpalayam makes a tonne over of more than 300 cr per year. Business is small scale.There are Famous Concern like SRR,KVPM Stores,Sp.M& co(Brass,Stainless Steel and Copper Utensils dealer) get the Metals Utensils,Catering Utensils,Temple Goods,Deals in Temple Works.


 Anupparpalayam administration comes under 15 Velampalayam Municipality and comes under Tirupur Corporation.


The main Business and Industries in anupparpalayam is Metal production and its Supportive business. The Metal goods are exported to all over india.The Main Shopping Bazaar for metal goods are anupparpalayam pudur,Nehru street etc. Mainly brass,Aluminium,Stainless Steels metal goods are produced here. Recently They are processing Temple works in metals for temples in other states like kerala,Karnataka,Andhra pradhesh,Maharashtra. Coordinates: 11°08′35″N 77°19′03″E / 11.143024°N 77.317631°E / 11.143024; 77.317631

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