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Anurag Dikshit (/ˈdɪksɪt/; born 1973 in Dhanbad, Bihar (now in Jharkhand)), is an Indian businessman who, in connection with the online poker company PartyGaming, entered a guilty plea to one count of online gambling in violation of the Federal Wire Act and received a $300 million fine.[1] He sold off the remainder of his stake in PartyGaming in January 2010,[2] after selling 23% of his stake in the company's Initial Public Offering, and a further two thirds of the remainder, in October 2009.[3]

Born in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, Dikshit graduated with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 1994. He completed schooling at De Nobili School, FRI. Following graduation, Dikshit worked as a software developer in the United States at CMC, as a systems analyst for Websci and later as a consultant for AT&T.[4]


At age 26, Dikshit was asked by PartyGaming founder[5] American Ruth Parasol to write the company’s betting software.

In 2000, Dikshit hired a friend from his alma mater, Vikrant Bhargava, to begin working at PartyGaming with him and others. Party Poker was launched in August 2001.[citation needed]

Since online gambling is illegal in the US, the company's servers and offices were based in Gibraltar; Dikshit settled there, too.[6]

In May 2006 Dikshit stepped down from PartyGaming's board of directors and took a position as head of the company's research and special projects.[7] As of December 2008 he still owned approximately 28% of the company's shares.[8]

In December 2008, Dikshit entered a guilty plea to one count of online gambling in violation of the Federal Wire Act and agreed to forfeit $300 million. "I came to believe there was a high probability it was in violation of U.S. laws", Dikshit told U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff in New York, referring to PartyGaming’s activity.[9] Dikshit no longer personally owns any shares in PartyGaming, having sold his shares in January 2010.[10]


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