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Silver coin minted in Tiflis (Tbilisi) bearing the name of Anushirwan. Struck between 1344 and 1353 (left = obverse; right = reverse)

Anushirwan Khan (Persian: انوشیروان خان‎, Anūshīrvān Khān) occupied the Ilkhanid throne from 1344 until his death in 1357. He was a puppet of the Chobanid ruler Malek Ashraf and possessed no power of his own. He is notable for being the last of the Ilkhan dynasty to have coins struck in his name.[1]

Anushirwan's origins are obscure. One account suggests that Malek Ashraf's wardrobe keeper, a certain Nushirvan, was raised to the throne and given the name Anushirvan, after the famous Sasanian king Khosrow I Anushirvan. The Chobanids struck coins in his name until 1357.[2]


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Preceded by
Suleiman Khan
Ilkhan (Chobanid candidate)
Succeeded by
Ghazan II