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Anvil Island From the North; Porteau Cove

Anvil Island, is the third-largest of the islands in Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada, and the northernmost of the major islands in that sound. It is located northeast of Gambier Island and southwest of Britannia Beach and west of Porteau Cove. The Defence Islands are to its northeast and are Indian Reserves of the Squamish Nation. A summer camp, Daybreak Point Bible Camp, operates on the south of the island, and people are located on the southern side of the island.

Name origin[edit]

The name was conferred on June 14, 1792 by Captain George Vancouver, whose journal for the day reads:

"The sun shining at this time for a few minutes afforded an island which, from the shape of the mountain that composes it, obtained the name of Anvil island."

The reason for this peculiar name in caused by the shape of the island when looking at it upside-down. Its supposed to look like an anvil, but most people do not get the upside-down part of it. So they end up saying it looks like a turtle.


The terrain of Anvil Island is mostly cliffs and hills. Starting at the south-side of the island it is more of a flat and plain terrain. At the very tip is Irby point; but also called _______ by the natives, means 'a good place to hunt'. 'The Point' as it is often referred to by the local population, is the place where most of the deer would go to feed. Going west along the coast of the south-side, there is Daybreak Point where a Bible Camp is located.


Anvil Island has a small population living on the island year-round, and is mostly populated during the summer.


Coordinates: 49°32′00″N 123°18′00″W / 49.53333°N 123.30000°W / 49.53333; -123.30000