Anville (crater)

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Anville crater AS11-42-6302.jpg
Lunar crater Anville from Apollo 11. NASA photo.
Coordinates 1°54′N 49°30′E / 1.9°N 49.5°E / 1.9; 49.5Coordinates: 1°54′N 49°30′E / 1.9°N 49.5°E / 1.9; 49.5
Diameter 11 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 311° at sunrise
Eponym Jean-Baptiste d'Anville
Apollo 15 mapping camera image

Anville is a relatively small, solitary lunar crater located in the north part of the Mare Fecunditatis and is named after Jean-Baptiste d'Anville. This is a circular, cup-shaped formation with a sharp edge and little appearance of wear. Some minor slumping has occurred in the eastern half of the interior wall. It was designated Taruntius G prior to being assigned a name by the IAU. Taruntius itself lies to the north-northwest, at the edge of the mare.

Northwest of the crater are Dorsum Cushman, a wrinkly ridge.