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Anvita Health is a health care analytics company serving doctors, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, disease management companies, point-of-care IT systems, personal health record (PHR) providers, and other clinical providers. Anvita Health provides the analytics engine for Google Health.[1] The company is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Anvita Health’s technology helps address interoperability and data sharing concerns by integrating its engine into existing technological infrastructures and “translating” data across disparate platforms in real time.

Anvita Health was founded by physicians in 2000 as SafeMed[2] to help prevent avoidable medical errors. Its name change in 2009 to Anvita Health[3] signaled an expansion of the company’s focus beyond drug safety to also include point-of-care clinical decision support,[4] gaps in care analysis, prioritization of patient interventions,[5] predictive modeling, semantic interoperability, quantitative health risk adjustment, and comparative effectiveness.

Anvita Health recently launched the Anvita Mobile Viewer, which allows Google Health users to access their personal health records via mobile devices, representing the first interoperable PHR viewable on a mobile phone.[6]


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