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Anwar Maqsood
انور مقصود
BornAnwar Maqsood Hameedi
7 September 1935 (age 84)
Hyderabad State, British India
OccupationPlaywright, lyricist, satirist, painter, poet, sculpturist, television host
Notable awardsHilal-e-Imtiaz (Crescent of Excellence) in 2013
Pride of Performance in 1994
ChildrenBilal Maqsood (son) Arjumand (Daughter)
RelativesZubaida Tariq (sister)
Fatima Surayya Bajia (sister)
Zehra Nigah (sister)

Anwar Maqsood Hameedi (Urdu: انور مقصود حمیدی) popularly known as Anwar Maqsood is a Pakistani scriptwriter, television host, satirist, humorist, and infrequent actor. He is well-known for his drama write-ups for Pakistan Television Corporation in the late 1970s and 1980s.[1]

Early life and family[edit]

Anwar Maqsood was born on 7 September 1935, in Hyderabad State. He studied at the Gulbarga Trust School in Aurangabad. His large family migrated to Karachi in 1948, after the independence of Pakistan in 1947. His childhood years were spent in PIB Colony, Karachi with his siblings and family.[2] Maqsood belongs to a prominent family of Pakistan and some of his siblings are well-known in their own right: his sister, Fatima Surayya Bajia was a well-known writer in Pakistan and South Asia whose marriage ended early in divorce. She then chose to play a key role in the upbringing of her nine young brothers and sisters and became a maternal figure to them. Another sister Zehra Nigah, is a relatively well-known poet. One of his brothers, Ahmed Maqsood, is a former Chief Secretary Sindh; and his sister Zubaida Tariq was a cooking expert and chef. His wife, Imrana Maqsood is a known novelist and his son, Bilal Maqsood is a rock artist, lead guitarist and vocalist of the former rock band Strings. He has one daughter.[2][1]


Anwar Maqsood has been associated for many years with Pakistan Television Corporation where he served as a presenter for a variety of their television programs including Studio Dhai and then Studio Ponayteen along with Show Sha and various other shows.[2]


Maqsood is often regarded as one of the leading Pakistani satirist/writer as well as highly respected in social and showbiz industry of Pakistan. Anwar Maqsood is often given credit for encouraging talented television actors like Bushra Ansari and Moin Akhter.[2] He wrote various successful plays for television industry, including:[3][4]

  • Zia Mohyeddin Show (1969 - 1973) (Anwar Maqsood ghostwrote many scripts for this TV show)[2]
  • Fifty Fifty (PTV Sketch Comedy)[2]
  • Show Time (PTV Comedy Show)
  • Aangan Terha (PTV Comedy Drama)
  • Half Plate (PTV Comedy Drama)
  • Fanooni Latifey (PTV Comedy Teleplay)
  • Show Sha (PTV Comedy Show)
  • Silver Jubilee (PTV Show)
  • Studio Dhaai (PTV Comedy Show)
  • Studio Poney Teen (PTV Comedy Show)
  • Studio Chaar Bees (NTM Comedy Show)
  • Talaash (PTV Miniseries)
  • Is Tarah To Hota Hai (PTV Comedy Drama 1999)
  • Colony 52
  • Sitara Aur Mehrunnisa (NTM Romantic Drama)
  • Nadan Nadia (NTM Comedy Drama)
  • Loose Talk (ARY Comedy Show)
  • Majoo Mian
  • Koi Aur Hai
  • Hum Pe Jo Guzarti Hai
  • Paunay 14 August (satire)[3]
  • Sawa 14 August (satire)[3]
  • Anwar Maqsood ka Dharna (satire)
  • Nestlé Nido Young Stars (lyricists)
  • Siachen


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