Anwar Masood

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Anwar Masood
Born Anwar Masood
(1935-11-08) November 8, 1935 (age 81)[1]
Gujrat, Punjab province, British India (now Pakistan)
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Poet
Years active 1972- present
Known for humorous poetry

Anwar Masood (Urdu: انورمسعود‎), (born November 8, 1935) is a Pakistani poet known for his comic poetry. However, his works include other genres as well. He writes in Punjabi, Urdu and Persian languages.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Anwar Masood & Sadiqa Anwar

Anwar Masood was born in Gujrat, Pakistan, but his family moved to Lahore in 1935. He got his basic education there. Later his family moved back to Gujrat again and he studied in a public school in Gujrat. He also completed his secondary education there. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Government Zamindara College, Gujrat. Masood obtained his master's degree in Persian language from the Oriental College, Lahore in 1961 and earned a gold medal, too. He began teaching at Government Islamia High School in Kunjah, Punjab. He has been teaching as a lecturer and a professor at different colleges in Punjab from 1962 to 1996. He was also a member of the visiting faculty of Government College University, Lahore in the Department of Humanities. He retired from the teaching profession in 1996.[3]

His Poetry[edit]

Masood is a multilingual poet of Urdu and Punjabi. His most popular poetry is in Punjabi.[4] His poetry gives the message of the original and pure culture of Punjab. Masood is a unique Punjabi poet who is popular among the masses. The way he has described the different aspects of life in his poetry have never been described before.[3] Some of his poems are so popular that wherever he goes in the Punjab, people like to listen to them again and again. The most popular among them are Anar Kali Diyan Shanan, Aj Kee Pakaeay, Banyan, Juman Bazaar, Jehlum Dey Pul Tey, Ambri[5] and many others. Anwar Masood has performed and given live recitations of his poetry among many international communities and is popular worldwide.[6][7] A poem reviewer has said about him,"He is a poet that has the rare gift of being able to take a very serious subject and make it light and entertaining".[8]


Masood certifying the launch of the Western Punjabi Wikipedia
  • Mela Akhhyan Da (Punjabi)
  • Guncha Phir Laga Khilnay (Urdu)
  • Hun Ki Karyay (Punjabi)
  • Shakh-e-Tabassum (Urdu)
  • Ek Dareecha Ek Charag (Urdu)
  • Maili Maili Dhoup (Urdu)
  • Banyan (Punjabi)
  • Lassee Te Cha' (Punjabi)
  • Ambri (Punjabi)
  • Anarkali Dian Shanan ( Punjabi)
  • Jehlum Dey Pul Tay (Punjabi)
  • Mobile Telephone (Punjabi)

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