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AnyClient Free, Platform Independent FTP Client
Developer(s) JSCAPE
Initial release March 2008
Operating system Cross-platform
Type FTP client

AnyClient is a free, platform-independent FTP application developed by JSCAPE, LLC.[1] In addition to an installed software version, AnyClient is available as a web-based file transfer client. Creating a free account is mandatory to use the web edition of AnyClient.[2] All major file transfer protocols are supported including:

AnyClient installers are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux / UNIX environments.


AnyClient was first launched on March 2008.[4] AnyClient has always been free. It was launched to provide a free and independent platform file transfer client that supported ALL the major file transfer protocols. The web based version was launched in order to provide users with a way to transfer files when they are traveling, for example when connecting from a public computer in an Internet cafe or where it is not possible to install file transfer software.

In 2011, AnyClient passed IPV6 compatibility tests for the FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols.[5]


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