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Any Answers?
Running time30 mins
Country of origin United Kingdom
Home stationBBC Radio 4
Hosted byAnita Anand

Any Answers? is the companion programme to BBC Radio 4's Any Questions?, in which a panel of notable figures drawn from politics, media or the arts are asked for their views on current affairs by members of a studio audience.


The programme was originally based on letters from Any Questions? listeners, but has subsequently followed the trend to the less laborious and more immediate "phone-in" format. Currently, in Any Answers?, listeners can submit their responses to the views expressed in Any Questions? by email, text message or telephone. A chairperson hosts the programme, ensuring that sufficient time is devoted to responses to each issue covered in the previous edition of Any Questions?.

Any Answers? and its precursor sister programme, Any Questions?, were broadcast on BBC Radio 2 from the station's rebranding/launch in 1967.[1] Any Answers? was at that point presented by Malcolm Muggeridge. Any Answers? was hosted by Jonathan Dimbleby from 1988 to 2012; he then stepped down, but continued to present Any Questions?. Anita Anand took over as host on 9 June 2012. Any Answers? is broadcast on Saturday afternoons immediately after the repeat edition of Any Questions? has been aired.


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