Any Way the Wind Blows (film)

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Any Way The Wind Blows
Any Way the Wind Blows (movie poster).jpg
Directed by Tom Barman
Written by Tom Barman
Starring Frank Vercruyssen
Diane De Belder
Eric Kloeck
Music by Magnus
Tom Barman
Distributed by Axiom Films (UK and Ireland)
Running time
127 minutes
Country Belgium
Language Dutch

Any Way the Wind Blows is a 2003 film by dEUS' singer-songwriter-director Tom Barman.


Set in Antwerp at the beginning of June. On a sunny Friday eight people dream of having a different life. There is wind and music, police and paranoia, gossip, fighting and in the evening, a party.


  • Frank Vercruyssen - Walter
  • Diane De Belder - Lara
  • Eric Kloeck - Paul Garcin
  • Natali Broods - Natalie
  • Matthias Schoenaerts - Chouki
  • Dirk Roofthooft - Firmin
  • Jonas Boel - Frederique
  • Titus De Voogdt - Felix
  • Sam Louwyck - Windman
  • Annick Christiaens - Elsie
  • Cedric Faes - Charlie
  • Ides Meire - Thomas
  • Louise Fimmers - Julie
  • Katelijne Damen - Grandmother
  • Diane Meersman - Jessie
  • Johan Heldenbergh - Schoesetters

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