Anya Wu

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Anya Wu
Native name 吴安雅
Born (1977-02-17) February 17, 1977 (age 41)
Residence Taiwan
Occupation Actress, model
Years active 2002 - present
Agent Era International Company
Notable work Naked Weapon
Mysterious Island
Born to Be King
Kong Zhong (m. 2012)
Children Son: Aditya Kong
Anya Wu
Traditional Chinese 吳安雅
Simplified Chinese 吴安雅

Anya Wu (born 17 February 1977) is a Taiwanese-American model and actress.[1][2]


Early life[edit]

Wu was born in Taiwan on February 17, 1977. At the age of 6, she emigrated to the United States with her parents.[3][4] Her mother died of cancer when she was 11.

Acting career[edit]

Wu made her film debut in Andrew Lau's Born to Be King (1999), playing Nanako.

In 2001, Wu participated in many films, such as Cop on a Mission, Runaway and 2000.

Wu rose to fame after portraying Katt in the Hong Kong action-thriller film Naked Weapon (2002). She received positive reviews.

In 2008, Wu was cast in the film Kung Fu Killer, an American Kung Fu film starring David Carradine, Daryl Hannah and Osric Chau.

In 2009, Wu starred in the romantic comedy film Chengdu, I Love You, alongside Guo Tao, Tan Sitar and Huang Xuan.[5]

In 2011, Wu played the lead role in Mysterious Island, a Chinese horror film starring Yang Mi, Jordan Chan and Hayama Hiro.

Personal life[edit]

Wu was married to a Chinese entrepreneur Kong Zhong (孔众), a direct male-line descendant of Confucius, their son, Aditya Kong (孔垂燊), was born in February 2013.[6]



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2000 Born to Be King 《胜者为王》 Nanako
2001 Know the Law But Break It 《知法犯法》 Shi An
Walk theroad 《走投有路》 A killer
Killer Mace 《杀手锏》 A'yu
Badboy Weapon 《BadBoy特攻》 A dancer
Different Ghost 《异灵灵异》 Huo Monǚ
2002 Fing Head Group 《滥药青春》 guest
Confidante 《红颜》 The prisoner
Naked Weapon 《赤裸特工》 Katt
2003 Play Tricks 《搞鬼》 guest
Lucky Superman 《行运超人》 Polyset
Millennium CorpseKing 《千年僵尸王》 Shanshan
2004 Detective Divinity 《妙探神威》 Zhen Daimei
2005 Ghost Mom 《鬼妈妈》 Mom
Death Match 《生死对决》 Hao Panying
PTU Policewoman Accidentaltrap 《PTU女警之偶然陷阱》 Guimei
2006 Shanhai Baby 《上海宝贝》 Zhu Sha
2007 Ghost E-mail 《幽灵信箱》 Lin Xiaoyue
Single Tribe 《单身部落》 Miss Luo
The Poppetisa Slam Dunk 《小鬼也灌篮》 The coach
2008 Kung Fu Killer 《功夫杀手》 Loo Kwan
Action at Dawn 《黎明行动》 Yingzi
2009 Chengdu, I Love You 《成都,我爱你》 Wei Hong
2011 I Know Woman's Heart 《我知女人心》 guest
Deadly Heart Beat 《夺命心跳》 ghost
Mysterious Island 《孤岛惊魂》 Chen Liangliang
2012 Horror Hotel 《恐怖旅馆》 Chen Jiaqian
2014 But Always 《一生一世》


Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2002 《紫色角落》 guest
2003 Godfather in Pink 《粉红教父小甜甜》
2006 Love CRD 《情定CRD》
Lovelorn High-Heeled Shoes 《失恋高跟鞋》
2008 Lost in Los Angeles 《迷失洛杉矶》 [7]
2009 Spanish Love 《情陷巴塞罗那》
2011 Star City 《星光都市》
2012 Star City 2 《星光都市2》


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