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The Anycall 5200 is a cell phone that appeared in 2007. It has had moderate sales success[citation needed] which is significant given its blatant misuse of patented material. Anycall or Samsung are the brands that are usually associated with this phone, however both manufacturers refuse to support the 5200.[1][2]

The phone has a unique double sliding design with a built in Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.[1] The phone is also sold with the "PlayStation Portable" brand logo,[3] though cell phones from the manufacturer do not have the ability to play PSP games. There is a recent update of the firmware which allows you to play PSP games.[citation needed]

The Anycall 5200 can usually be purchased through internet-based merchants such as eBay and is not found in retail stores due to the phone's disregard for copyright restrictions.

It is currently unknown which operating system this phone uses. The merchants claim a "Windows inspired" operating system. However, the cell phone is not any version of windows mobile.[citation needed]

There are multiple issues with this model of phone. One issue is a lack of support from the manufacturers e.g. a lack of replacement accessories and manuals[citation needed]. Other problems include Bluetooth functionality not being present in some versions of the phone[citation needed] and deceptive advertising[citation needed].

Despite the noted problems the phone has proven popular[citation needed], with the built in NES functionality as a drawcard.