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Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre is a project based [clarification needed] contemporary dance companies in Perth. The company was founded in 2006 by Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton, graduates of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts [1] and is unique as it specialises in improvisation for a found audience and the performance style is largely influenced by the flashmobbing culture.[clarification needed] The success of the company hinges on the philosophy of taking contemporary dance out of the theatres and into public spaces to increase the audience awareness and appreciation of the art form.[citation needed]

In 2009 the company was commissioned by Australian electro band Empire Of The Sun to choreograph and film the music video clip Standing On The Shore in Lancelin [2] and to choreograph their debut Australian tour for Parklife [3][clarification needed]. Since Then, the company has developed a close working relationship with the band, accompanying them at all their major performances across the country (including the 2009 ARIA awards) and becoming integral to the live performance experience. AIVDT has been featured at the Fremantle Festival, Joondalup Festival, Live@Woodside, Mount Lawley Café{culture}Festival, Australian Youth Dance Festival, Fairbridge Festival, one of Australia's largest folk music festivals,[4] Perth Cultural Centre Markets, Putting On An Act “Best of” Gala as well as working with PropelArts WA to stage a mass youth flashmob in the Perth CBD.[citation needed] AIVDT also undertook a creative development and mentorship with improvisational artist Jo Pollitt, taking the Perth CBD by storm with their peripheral Perth Festival Event “They’ll Be Dancing In The Streets”. This project was funded by the State Government of Western Australia through the Young People and the Arts Panel.[5] AIVDT was also been funded by the Joondalup Council for a 2-week residency at Hillarys Boat Harbour under the Arts Development Scheme, and in 2009 joined forced with the City of Perth for a series of Christmas Flashmobs in the Perth CBD.


Current Members of AIVDT are [6]

  • Serena Chalker, Director
  • Quindell Orton, Artistic Program Manager
  • Alison Plevey
  • Nantale Kivubiro
  • Megan Berryman
  • Rhiannon Sprattling
  • Jessica Lewis

Other dancers who have been involved with AIVDT include


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