Anything She Does

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"Anything She Does"
Song by Genesis from the album Invisible Touch
Released 1986
Recorded The Farm, Surrey, 1986
Genre Pop rock
Length 4:07 (LP/Cassette)
Label Atlantic
Writer(s) Lyrics - Tony Banks
Music - Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford
Invisible Touch track listing
In Too Deep
"Anything She Does"

"Anything She Does" is a song by the British band Genesis. It appears as the fifth track on their highly successful 1986 album Invisible Touch, opening the second side of the vinyl and cassette editions. The lyrics were written by their keyboardist Tony Banks.

Lyrically, the song is about pornography. It is about a man who is in love with a Porn star in a magazine or a movie. He feels the pain that he can never have a relationship with her in real life, instead of his imagination. AllMusic has described the song's words as "a humorous look at pin-up models".[1] The brass sound in the song is played on an E-mu Emulator II by Banks. The sample itself is taken from a horn chart of one of the band's previous songs, "Paperlate", which featured the Earth, Wind & Fire horn section.

"Anything She Does" was the only track from Invisible Touch that the band did not perform live on their subsequent tour. Banks claimed in the documentary portion of their Visible Touch home video that it was too difficult to play.

Music video[edit]

Though not released as a single, a music video of the song exists. It was filmed by Jim Yukich and features Benny Hill (in his Fred Scuttle guise) as an incompetent security guard whom many fans sneak past to get backstage while the band rehearses. He later finds the people who have sneaked past him have made a mess of the hospitality room, yet manages to clear them all out and restore the room to its original condition just as the band returns to see it.

The video was used to introduce the band during the Invisible Touch Tour.


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