Anythynge You Want To

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Anythynge You Want To
Studio album by The Firesign Theatre
Released 2001
Genre Comedy, Audio theatre, Spoken word
Length Disc 1: 52:40, Disc 2, 65:59
Label Firesign Theatre Records
Producer Philip Austin

Anythynge You Want To is a 2001 comedy album by The Firesign Theatre. It takes the form of a radio play, under the conceit of being a lost work of Shakespeare, using language, plot structure, and characters which parody Shakespeare's original works. It was originally recorded in 1980 as a program for National Public Radio's Earplay, and was previously released in edited form in 1982 on LP as Shakespeare's Lost Comedie.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 2:02 Ye Hoste
  2. 1:39 Ye Prologue
  3. 3:37 Acte I, Scene I. A Nawful Place, A Heathe
  4. 5:16 Acte I, Scene II. A Shippe at Sea
  5. 6:25 Acte I, Scene III. Ye Rampartes of Castle Pflegem
  6. 3:13 Ye Hoste Againne
  7. 3:54 Acte II, Scene I. Ye Wilde Beache
  8. 4:33 Acte II, Scene II. Ye Closette of ye Counte
  9. 2:36 Acte II, Scene III. Ye Bishopp's Celle
  10. 6:30 Acte II, Scene IV. A Graveyardde
  11. 2:54 Ye Hoste Yett Againne
  12. 4:30 Acte III, Scene I. Ye Coronation Roome
  13. 2:19 Acte III, Scene II. A Battle Fielde
  14. 6:48 Acte III, Scene III. Ye Bishopp's Battle Tente
  15. 1:33 Ye Credittes

Issues and reissues[edit]

  • LP Firesign / Rhino Rnlp-807(Lp), Rnc-807-4, 1982, (as Shakespeare's Lost Comedie)
  • CD Firesign Theatre Records (Distributed by Whirlwind Media) 2001
  • CD Firesign Theatre Records / Lodestone Catatlog MSUG090 2005

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