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Limited company
Industry Courier, transport, removals, and logistics
Founded March 2009[1]
Founders Angus Elphinstone
Ben Goor
Headquarters Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom[2]
Services Online marketplace for transport services

AnyVan is an online European transport, delivery, and moving company headquartered in Hammersmith, London. It acts as an online marketplace for users to obtain delivery, transport, and removal services from its community of transport partners. It matches a user’s delivery route to that of a transport provider’s and connects them to minimise costs and cut down CO2 emissions by optimising storage space and haulage.[3][4][5]

As of December 2015, AnyVan’s services are available nationwide across the UK and in other European countries such as Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, Poland and Italy.[6] AnyVan is often mentioned in the media in reference to economic climate, housing migration, delivery cost-saving, and environmental sustainability.[7][8][9][10][11]


AnyVan was founded by Angus Elphinstone and Benn Goor in 2009. While running a removal business called White Van Gentleman in his hometown, Elphinstone developed an idea that could help tackle problems such as the unregulated pricing of removals and the vast production of carbon dioxide due to inefficient logistics.[12] An online marketplace was created in order to optimise capacity and minimise unused haulage and delivery space. AnyVan, as a provider, matches a consumer’s delivery route with an existing transporter partner already traveling that way.[13]

AnyVan began its operations in the UK in 2009. In 2012, it expanded to Germany and started allowing transporters based in that country to bid for delivery jobs.[14] In December 2015, it entered the markets of Ireland, Spain, France, and Italy.[15]


The concept employed by AnyVan aims to minimise unused haulage or delivery space from private transport requester deliveries. It is an expansion of the groupage concept utilized by large haulage providers.

Customers create accounts and list the items to be transported, along with information such as size, location, maximum price and flexibility of timing. Transport providers then bid on the delivery requirements, in a unique reverse auction environment. AnyVan then adds a commission to the bid which depends on the job details and the transport provider who made the bid, typically around 50%.

Traditionally listings are awarded to the lowest bidder, although a user-feedback system is included on the site to minimise rogue trading [16][17] and enable customers to choose a transport provider based on factors other than cost, such as reputation and insurance. When the customer accepts a bid, they pay the AnyVan commission up front (referred to as the 'deposit'), and arrange with the transport provider when to pay the remainder.

AnyVan has a free registration system for both transport providers and customers. As of March 2015, AnyVan has over 1.5 million registered customers and over 40,000 registered transport providers.

Area covered[edit]

AnyVan operated exclusively in the UK between October 2009 and February 2012. In March 2012, the company expanded in Germany, opening a German website and allowing German transport providers to bid. As of December 2015, the company also operates in Ireland, Spain, France and Italy.

Awards[edit] has received website of the year award in 2010, [18]the Green Entrepreneur Awards' Green Project of the Year 2010 [19]and the Rushlight Award for Environmental Sustainability.[20] It has also received a 5/5 rating from[21]

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