Anywhere but Here (Kayak album)

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Anywhere But Here
Anywhere But Here (Kayak album).jpg
Studio album by Kayak
Released 2011 (2011)
Genre Progressive rock
Kayak chronology
Letters From Utopia
Anywhere But Here
Cleopatra - The Crown Of Isis

Anywhere But Here is the title of the fifteenth studio album of Dutch band Kayak. It is the first album with drummer Hans Eijkenaar. He replaces Pim Koopman, who died in 2009.

Track listing[edit]

(Words and music by Ton Scherpenzeel, except where noted)

  1. "Credible lie"
  2. "November morning"
  3. "Behind the scenes"
  4. "Anywhere but here"
  5. "Most underrated band in the world"
  6. "Hunter and prey"
  7. "In Between Tides"
  8. "Passing cloud"
  9. "Demon in her eyes" (Edward Reekers)
  10. "Life is good"
  11. "Wherever she goes"
  12. "Messinian skies"
  13. "Over you" (Ton Scherpenzeel / Irene Linders)
  14. "Bang"


Guest musicians[edit]