Aobagakuen Junior College

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The Aobagakuen junior college (青葉学園短期大学, Aobagakuen Tanki Daigaku) was a private junior college in Setagaya Ward in Tokyo, Japan. It was set up in 1966.


  • It started in 1924 as a sewing cram school.
  • The Aobagakuen Junior College Housekeeping Department was set up in 1966.
  • "Food and nutrition" was added to the curriculum in 1967.
  • It was made coeducational in 2001. The housekeeping department was changed into the man life subject.
  • It is ended to want the student in fiscal year 2004. It shifts to Tokyo Health Care University from the next year.
  • It was abolished in 2006.


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