Aobe Station

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Aobe Station
Aobe station03.jpg
Aobe Station
Location Aobe, Kawanehon, Haibara, Shizuoka
Operated by Ōigawa Railway
Line(s) Ōigawa Main Line
Opened 1931

Aobe Station (青部駅, Aobe-eki) is a railway station Kawanehon, Haibara District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, on the Ōigawa Main Line. It is operated by the Ōigawa Railway.

Station history[edit]

Aobe Station was one of the original stations of the Ōigawa Main Line, and was opened on April 12, 1931.



Aobe Station is an unmanned station with a single side platform and a small wooden station building. It retains much of the atmosphere of the early Shōwa period and is often used as a set for movies and TV dramas, including the 1975 police drama Castle of Sand.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Ōigawa Railway
Ōigawa Main Line
SL Express: Does not stop at this station
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Coordinates: 35°05′22″N 138°06′56″E / 35.08944°N 138.11556°E / 35.08944; 138.11556