Aoshima, Miyazaki

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This article is about the island in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. For the island in Ehime Prefecture, also known as "Cat Island", see Aoshima, Ehime.
An aerial image of Aoshima

Aoshima (青島 Aoshima?) is an island located in Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. The island has a surface area of 4.4 hectares (10.9 acres) and a height of 6 metres (20 feet). The island is part of the Aoshima Shrine. The neighbourhood Aoshima of Miyazaki consists of the island and the opposite coastal strip, where the Aoshima Subtropical Botanical Garden is located.[1]


The nearest railway station is Aoshima Station, on the Nichinan Line operated by JR Kyushu.


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The island is surrounded by unique rock formations referred to as the Ogre's Washboard (鬼の洗濯板 Oni no Sentakuita?).

Coordinates: 31°48′18″N 131°28′32″E / 31.805044°N 131.475663°E / 31.805044; 131.475663