Aouzou, Chad

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Aouzou is located in Chad
Location in Chad (Tibesti Region highlighted)
Coordinates: 21°48′56″N 17°25′46″E / 21.81556°N 17.42944°E / 21.81556; 17.42944Coordinates: 21°48′56″N 17°25′46″E / 21.81556°N 17.42944°E / 21.81556; 17.42944
Country  Chad
Region Tibesti
Time zone +1

Aouzou (/ˈz/; Arabic أوزو, alternatively Aozou) is a small town and oasis in the extreme north of Chad, situated within the Aouzou Strip. It was the site of the Battle of Aouzou, during which Chadian forces captured the town from Libya in August 1987, followed by its recapture by Libya less than a month later. The town was formally transferred to Chadian control in 1994, along with the entirety of the Aouzou Strip.[1][2]

In the early 1980s, the total population of the Aouzou area and the nearby valley of the Enneri Yebige was estimated to number around 1,300 persons.[3]


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