Aozora Records

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Aozora Records
Parent company Clear Sky Corporation
Founded May 3, 2000
Distributor(s) Toshiba-EMI(2000-2005)
Avex Group(2005-present)
Genre J-pop
Country of origin Japan Japan
Location Shibuya, Tokyo
Official website

Aozora Records (青空, Blue Sky Records) is a Japanese record company owned by Clear Sky Corporation. Established May 3, 2000 to handle the independent release of Hitomi Yaida's debut maxi CD Howling to the Kansai area of Japan, it was the recipient of a bidding war amongst the larger Recording Companies for distribution rights which was won by Toshiba-EMI.

The distribution contract with Toshiba-EMI was cancelled in September 2005,[1] with Avex Marketing Communications winning the new rights.[2]

Notable Artists[edit]


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