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Batik (software) logo.png
Batik running Solitaire Sample
Batik running Solitaire Sample
Developer(s) Apache Software Foundation
Stable release
1.9 / April 10, 2017; 14 months ago (2017-04-10)
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
License Apache License 2.0
Website xmlgraphics.apache.org/batik

Batik is a pure-Java library that can be used to render, generate, and manipulate SVG graphics (SVG is an XML markup language for describing two-dimensional vector graphics). IBM supported the project and then donated the code to the Apache Software Foundation, where other companies and teams decided to join efforts. Batik provides a set of core modules that provide functionality to:

The Batik distribution also contains a ready-to-use SVG browser (called Squiggle) making use of the above modules.

The name of the library comes from the Batik painting technique.


Batik was long the most conformant existing SVG 1.1 implementation[1][2][3] and as of 2011 is just a small fraction behind Opera.[citation needed]

The latest 1.7 version, made available on January 10, 2008, has an "almost full" implementation of the current state of the sXBL specification,[4] a nearly complete implementation of SVG declarative animation SMIL features, and some of the SVG 1.2 late October 2004 working draft (see SVG's Development history).

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