Apache Blood

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Apache Blood
Directed by Vern Piehl
Produced by Vern Piehl (producer)
Rowd Sanders (executive producer)
Written by Dewitt Lee
Jack Lee
Starring Ray Danton
Music by Ed Norton
Cinematography Vern Piehl
Edited by Bill Irwin
Release date
June 1, 1975
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Apache Blood is a 1975 American film directed by Vern Piehl.

The film is also known as A Man Called She (American pre-release title) and Pursuit (American reissue title).

Plot summary[edit]

1866, native Americans and newcomers violently clashing. A once peaceful native American named "Yellow Shirt" is the last survivor of his people and seeks revenge.

Various other scenes of horse riding, a bear attack, scalping, cactus traps and gun battles are spliced together with constant dramatic music and such rough editing that more of the plot is anyone's guess.


  • Ray Danton as Yellow Shirt
  • Dewitt Lee as Sam Glass
  • Troy Nabors as Cpl. Lem Hawkins
  • Diane Taylor as Yellow Shirt's Woman
  • Eva Kovacs as Martha Glass
  • Jason Clark as Army Dispatch Rider
  • Dave Robart as Soldier
  • William Chatwick as Soldier
  • Carl Mancini as Soldier
  • Earl Baldwin as Soldier
  • Wilford 'Whizzer' White as Indian
  • Carl Nelson as Indian
  • Jack Lee as Soldier at Fort

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