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Apache CXF
Apache CXF Logo
Developer(s)Apache Software Foundation
Stable release
3.3.7 / June 24, 2020; 40 days ago (2020-06-24)
RepositoryCXF Repository
Written inJava
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeWeb Services
LicenseApache License 2.0

Apache CXF is an open-source, fully featured Web services framework. It originated as the combination of two open-source projects: Celtix developed by IONA Technologies and XFire developed by a team hosted at Codehaus. These two projects were combined by people working together at the Apache Software Foundation and the new name CXF was derived by combining "Celtix" and "XFire".[citation needed]

The CXF key design considerations include:

CXF is often used with Apache ServiceMix, Apache Camel and Apache ActiveMQ in service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure projects.


CXF includes a broad feature set, but it is primarily focused on the following areas:

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