Apache HiveMind

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Developer(s) Apache Software Foundation
Stable release
1.1.1 / December 19, 2007 (2007-12-19)
Preview release
Development status Retired
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Inversion of Control (IoC) Container
License Apache License 2.0
Website http://hivemind.apache.org/

Apache HiveMind is an Inversion of Control (IOC) software project of the Apache Software Foundation written in Java. It takes the form of a services and configuration microkernel.

In HiveMind, a service is an implementation of a Java interface. Unlike other service-oriented architectures (SOAs), HiveMind is explicit about combining Java code within a single JVM.

The HiveMind project, formerly a top-level Apache project, was retired 22 April 2009,[1][2] ending its life in the Apache Attic repository. Its successor is considered to be Tapestry IOC Tapestry IOC, a Guice-like IoC container for Java EE Model-view-controller web applications. (Tapestry's requirement for IoC was the reason HiveMind was conceived in the first place.)

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